Doctor Brown’s Fri 20 Sept 2019

Brothers and Sisters, come and spend a Friday night in the Boro, with utterly current and visceral entertainment in the form of Werbeniuk, Shrug, Pellethead and Andy X. Don’t expect misty-eyed nostalgia, but literally yards from where it all began on Corporation Road in the mid 80s, this will be a celebration of what’s been and what will be. See you there. Goosed Records’ full announcement and link to the event is below.

“Goosed Records is proud to welcome Boro music royalty to Doctor Brown’s on 20th September, for the best reunion gig since Zeppelin played the O2 back in 2007.

After over 20 years providing invaluable recording space to bands from Boro, STUDIO 64 closed its doors following a takeover and relocation to Stockton. But on 20th September, Goosed Records proudly hosts a STUDIO 64 REUNION.

One of the stalwarts of Studio 64 was Goosed Records’ very own Nigel Crooks and through him we’ve made this happen. We see so many parallels with that studio and what we’re trying to build at Goosed, and not just because we’re smack opposite it. Our ethos of providing creative recording space for all Teesside musicians has many similarities with what Studio 64 did for bands of a previous generation and it’s something we felt we had to celebrate!!!

We’ve assembled an incredible lineup of bands that regularly frequented number 90 Corporation Road. They are:

Andy X

We always post promo stuff saying this one is not to be missed but this is seriously one that cannot be missed!!”