NEWS! April 2016

Having recently found ourselves in excess of the recently-imposed EU Baldies-in-Bands Quota, we decided we had to make changes. This meant giving our long-suffering (and newest) member Martin an ultimatum: either adopt the permanent wearing of a TRULY MASSIVE HAT, or sling his hook. There being no hat of a suitable size in the known universe, Martin Cass - Guitar, vocals, percussion, sampler, linen-basket drums, electronic drumsMartin has reluctantly mutually decided to leave the band at the end of the month. We thank him for his conscientious mastery of Werbeniuk’s complex and infectious music, his flair and panache, his world-class swearing, tiny drumsticks, and unfailing support for Darlington FC.


To say farewell in style (or lack thereof), Martin’s final gig with Werbeniuk will be on Saturday 30 April at ARC in Stockton, supporting Space.

Werbeniuk will continue as a four-piece, and will be writing and recording new material, and hopefully bringing it to a venue near you in the near future. Keep em peeled.

Tickets and further info for the gig: