NEWS – 11th JANUARY 2020

Hi, just a quick update to let you know what’s going on. Tonight’s gig at the Toft House at Middlesbrough Theatre will be our last one for a while. We’re taking a little break to rest, recover, focus on family and, well, life in general. We’re hoping to reconvene later in the year and bring back the chaos.

In the meantime, our single and both our mini-albums are available at our bandcamp site (link below) for digital download and physical copy while still available.

Don’t forget that if you’ve bought a copy of the 7″ single from the band at gigs, etc., that it comes with a code for a free download of the digital versions of the two tracks, plus “Blubberhouses” and “For The Trees, Mate”. Just go to the site on the sticker, enter the code, and you’re away.

So, Happy New Year, All The Very Best Wishes from us, and see you soon.


Shrug, Werbeniuk & Hamid Yazdanfar 11/1/2020